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Golden Sun Engine - HTML5

golden sun html5

An Golden Sun Engine entirely built in HTML5 with PhaserJS CE 2.19.0.

See the DEMO. Use Chromium based browsers. Don't use Firefox.

  • With this project, people should be able to make a GS like game without any programming skills.
  • This repository is just the engine. I'm not planning to do many maps, animations, items etc. Content here is just enough to show the functionalities.
  • This project does not aim to do exactly the same engine as GS, but very similar.
  • WE NEED HELP! Please, feel free to reach me if you want to do so. Join our discord server.
  • If you found any bug, please create an issue for it.
  • Issues are not very well explained, feel free to reach me for details about them.
  • Check the wiki for database configuration, tutorials and project tech information.
  • There's no production environment for now, but I'm planning to deploy a desktop application.
  • Check the latest updates.

Development environment

GS-HTML5 supports both Javascript and Typescript. We use Webpack to build the bundle and serve the development environment.

  • I strongly recomend using Visual Studio Code to develop.
  • Install dev dependencies by running npm install in the root folder.
  • Use npm start to start the development server.
  • Check the general guidelines in order to contribute.
  • Learn Phaser 2 by examples or by this tutorial. For reference, check their API.
  • Check our API docs for quick reference.


Some useful tools that I use to manage the resources:

Minor utils


All Golden Sun games and their media are property of Camelot Software Planning Ltd., Nintendo and/or Nintendo of America Inc., and are protected by United States and international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.

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